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A holdover from the Art Nouveau design movement in the early 1900’s, Tiffany style lighting has become an integral part of high-end decorative lighting. The stained glass, and often rustic earth tones designed into the delicate glass shades are a calling card for tiffany style lighting. Quoizel offers a variety of Tiffany style table lamps that will surely become a standout in any home they find their way into.

With so many shapes and sizes, you’re sure to find a table lamp to fit an end or coffee table, big or small. The Inglenook Collection utitlizes a pyramid shape and structure adding further visual interest to the fixture. The amber and tan shades of the stained glass shade blend beautifully with subtle additions of sapphire and green. The base has a bronze finished geometric shape, going perfectly with the pyramid style of the shade.

The Kami fixture is more rounded in its design, but has the gorgeous deep brown, red, and green tones that Tiffany style lighting has become so known for since its conceptualization in the early 20th century. These beautifully crafted Tiffany Table Lamps are sure to leave a lasting impression.